Nytt från Afghanistan

Kan man gömma sig i Afghanistan?  Material från bl.a. Anders Fänge och Johan Chytraeus

De om reser till Afghanistan  Artiklar och rapporter om dem som ensamutvisas eller återvänder till Afghanistan.


UNHCR eligibility guidelines for assessing the international protection needs of asylum-seekers from Afghanistan  UNHCR 30.8.2018

Country Guidance: Afghanistan  EASO juni 2018

The situation in Afghanistan and its implications for international peace and security  UNAMA 6.6.2018

International Protection Needs of asylum-seekers from Afghanistan  UNHCR, presentation i Wien 12.3.2018

Migrationsverkets hemsida  Rapporter från olika organisationer

UNAMA  United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan

EASO Country of Origin Information Reports
Afghanistan security situation - update  Maj 2018
Afghanistan networks  Febr 2018
Afghanistan Individuals targeted under societal and legal norms  Dec 2017
Afghanistan Individuals targeted by armed actors in the conflict  Dec 2017
Afghanistan security situation  Dec 2017
Key socio-economic indicators, state protection and mobility in Kabul city, Mazar-e-Sharif, and Herat city  Aug 2017

Children and armed conflicts  UN General Assembly Security Council A/72/361–S/2017/821 27.8.2017

Lifos rapporter


Se också De som reser till Afghanistan om situationen för ensamutvisade ungdomar.

I facebook-gruppen Defenceless Asylum Seekers läggs information ut på lätt svenska och dari/pashtu.

Humanitarian Response - Afghanistan  Mycket information ur hjälporganisationernas vinkel.

refworld Afghanistan  UNHCR, många rapporter.
Reliefweb Afghanistan

Afghanistan Analysts Network

Mänskliga rättigheter, demokrati och rättsstatens principer 2015-2016  Utrikesdepartementet 26.4.2017  
Special report on the strategic review of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan  Report of the Secretary-General, (A/72/312-S/2017/696) Reliefweb 10.8.2017
Afghanistan security situation Country of origin Information report,  EASO December 2017
Lägesrapport: Afghanistan (version 1.1)  Lifos 28.9.2017
Fokusland Afghanistan  Lifos, Migrationsverket
Afghanistan weekly report  6-12 Apr 2017  Constellis
Reseinformation Afghanistan  Sveriges ambassad, Kabul
Rapporter från Afghanistan  FARR 14.11.2016
LIFOS Temarapport Afghanistan  26.9.2016
LIFOS Migrationsverkets rätts- och landinformationssystem, Afghanistan
Afghanistan - LIFOS rekommenderar
Karta över talibankontrollerade områden Okt 2016
SIGAR Special Inspector General for Afghanistan reconstruction
Allt om Uppdrag: Afghanistan  BlankSpot Project
Lär känna Afghanistan  Svenska Afghanistankommittén SAK
Asylos rapporter  (kräver registrering)
Corruption in Afghanistan: Recent patterns and trends  UNODC December 2012

The Guardian / Afghanistan
Afghanistan's deepening migration crisis
Afghanistan Times
The Telegraph / Afghanistan
News Now Afghanistan
Aljazeera.com Afghanistan
Bakhtarnews Afghanistan
Pajhwok Afghan News
Hazara International Network
Khaama Press Afghanistan
The Guardian / Afghanistan
Tolonews Afghanistan
Tolonews Afghanistan Twitter
NewsNow Afghanistan
Documenting Afghanistan
Afghanistan Migrants Advice & Support Org
News Now Afghanistan
ReliefWeb Afghanistan

Kabulogram  Videofilmer från Afghanistan
South Asia: Afghanistan  The World Factbook, CIA, USA


Afghanistan: A bad year in America's longest war  CNN 7.9.2018

Joint press release: In Afghanistan UNHCR chief and Emergency relief coordinator call for urgent increase in international support for humanitarian crisis  ReliefWeb 6.9.2018

Sharp rise in deaths of journalists noted under NUG  TOLOnews 6.9.2018

In Afghanistan, UN refugee and relief chiefs calls for urgent increase in international support  UNHCR 6.9.2018

21,000 displaced after Ghazni crisis: OCHA  TOLOnews 27.8.2018

Taliban controls most part of the Afghan territory: Mohaqiq  ATNnews 31.8.2018

Hundred of UK troops deployed to Afghanistan  PressTV 31.8.2018

This graphic shows why the Afghanistan war is getting worse after 17 years  BusinessInsider Nordic 23.8.2018

In Afghan north, another district falls to the Taliban  FDD's Long War Journal 19.8.2018

Govt plans to hand Ghazni over to Taliban: Activists  Pahjwok.com 8.8.2018

Afghan migrants in Iran deported amid weakening economy  Iran News, Al Jazeera 7.8.2018

July saw 2,800 suffering casualties in Afghanistan  Pahjwok.com 6.8.2018

Newest U.S. strategy in Afghanistan mirrors past plans for retreat  New York Times  28.7.2018

Corruption main cause of war, insecurity in Afghanistan: AGO  Ariana news 28.7.2018

Afghanistan war: The fallacy of sunken costs  FARS 18.7.2018

Rekordmånga civila dödsoffer i Afghanistan  Aftonbladet 15.7.2018

Editorial: Towards a place of no return  Reliefweb.int 13.7.2018

Midyear update on the protection of civilians in armed conflict: 1 January to 30 June 2018  Reliefweb.int 15.7.2018  UNAMA:s rapport på engelska, dari och pashtu

Highest recorded civilian deaths from conflict at mid-year point - latest UNAMA update  UNAMA 15.7.2018

Säkerhetsläget i Afghanistan allt svårare  Johan Chytraeus, Mänsklig säkerhet 5.7.2018

Seeking asylum shouldn't be a version of Hunger Games  Lisa Schuster, Quartz media 4.7.2018

Why female suicide in Afghanistan is so prevalent  BBC News 1.7.2018

Goal displacement: Migration policy-making in and about Afghanistan  Föreläsning 28.6.2018 av Lisa Schuster

Taliban operations span the entire country, Afghan Interior Minister confirms  LongWar Journal 3.6.2018

US transfers ISIL to Afghanistan and Pakistan: Islamabad  Didpress.com 3.6.2018

Varför ska man påtvinga sin religion på andra människor?  Delat inlägg på facebook med film om hur män som äter utomhus under ramadan misshandlas av polis.

Taliban warn Kabul civilians ahead of planned attacks  PressTV 21.5.2018

Talibans attack Ghazni district, clashes ongoing  TOLOnews 22.5.2018

Can the talibans be defeated?  Film Al Jazeera 21.5.2018

Taliban's 2018 offensive encompasses all reagons in Afghanistan  Longwarjournal 17.5.2018

Two new reports on Afghan civilian casualties: Gruelling, but importantreading  Afghanistan-analysts.org  9.5.2018

"No safe place" Insurgent attacks on civilians in Afghanistan  Human Rights Watch 8.5.2018

Report: Afghan security forces see drastic decline  VOAnews 1.5.2018

The US and Afghanistan: Can't win the war, can't stop it, can't leave  The Guardian 1.5.2018

Larmet: Afghanska säkerhetsstyrkor krymper  Aftonbladet 1.5.2018

Dr Lisa Schuster presents on migration policy making in and about Afghanistan at Kabul University  City, University of London 16.8.2018

Afghanistan 2017/2018  Amnesty international

UN: Over 700 civilians killed in Afghanistan so far in 2018  Radio Free Europe 12.4.2018

Afghanistan weekly report 2-8 April 2018   Humanitarian Response UNOCHA

Afghan casualties: 1,018 killed, 792 wounded in March  Pajhwok Afghan News 4.4.2018

About 8,000 Daesh rebels moved to Afghanistan from Syria: MPS  ATN News 7.4.2018

Afghanistan may be a shelter for Daesh: Russia  1TVnews 5.4.2018

General security situation in Afghanistan and events in Kabul  ecoi.net 23.3.2018

Pressure builds in "powderkeg" Kabul as refugees return home  The Guardian 15.3.2018

Unemployment leads dozens of youth to join IS ranks in Eastern Afghanistan  VOA news 4.3.2018

Afghan leader´s offer to Taliban is a last-ditch gamble for peace  The Guardian 28.2.2018

Abdullah at Geneva: No place is safe in Afghanistan  ATNnews 26.2.2018

Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the Situation of human rights in Afghanistan and technical assistance achievements in the field of human rights  United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights UNAMA 21.3.2018

Afghanistan: 10,000 civilian casualties in 2017 - UN report suicide attacks and IEDs caused high number of deaths and injuries  UNAMA 15.2.2018

50 people displaced every hour  Norwegian Refugee Council 7.2.2018

Talibanerna stärker makten efter 16 års krig  SvD 2.2.2018

BBC-rapport: Talibangerillan hotar redan 70 procent av Afghanistan  Yle Nyheter 1.2.2018

Returning Afghans might be politically rewarding, it is also life threatening  Mondiaal Nieuws 9.2.2018

New wave of Afghans seek a way out as fear grips Kabul  The Observer 3.2.2018

The Afghan paradox - chaos and violence but safe for returns from Europe  Relief web 2.2.2018

Taliban threaten 70 % of Afghanistan, BBC finds  BBC.com 31.1.2018

Terrorvåldet lamslår Afghanistan  DN 25.1.2018

'Now is not the time': Violence forces refugees to flee Afghanistan again  The Guardian 25.1.2018

Escaping war - where to next?  En rapport om internflyktingar. Norwegian Refugee Council January 2018

Hur afghaner blev andra klassens asylsökande  Göteborgs universitet 17.10.2017

Kabul under siege while America's longest war rages on  CBS News 14.1.2018

2000 afghaner uppges ha dödats i Syrien   SvD 9.1.2018

Afghanistan. Huamanitarian response plan January 2018 - December 2021  UN OCHA Dec 2017

Russia says around 10,000 IS militants now in Afghanistan  Voanews 23.12.2017

Europe rebuked for removing Afghans to one of world's most dangerous countries  The Guardian 22.12.2017

The longest war: 8 years after my last deployment, I returned to Afghanistan as a reporter  Task & Purpose 20.12.2017

300 Afghan children under IS military training in Northern Afghanistan  Ariana News 6.12.2017

Civilian fatalities devastating in 2017: UNAMA  Tolonews 19.12.2017

ISIS attack in Afghanistan is bad news for US efforts  The Daily Caller 18.12.2017

US perpetuating destructive war in Afghanistan: Writer  Press-TV 16.12.2017

Afghanistan Factsheet, 13 December 2017  UNHCR

2018 Afghanistan Humanitarian Needs  ReliefWeb  UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 1.12.2017

Most dangerous countries in the world 2017 - ranked  atlasandboots.com 10.6.2017

US bombing of Afghanistan up by 300 percent  World Socialist website 23.11.2017

Afghanistan är inte säkert alls  Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna 22.11.2017

Anand Gopal: As US contiues strikes in Afghanistan & Syria, where is coverage of civilian deaths? Democracy Now 21.11.2017

UN concerned by controversial US plan to revive Afghan militias  The Guardian 19.11.2017

Afghanistan ranks 2nd worst in the world on new terrorism index  Tolonews 16.11.2017

Karl Eide om sikkerhetssituasjonen i Kabul: Har blitt mye verre  VG Nyheter 11.11.2017

Afghanistan: Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin  OCHA 1-31.10.2017

De som vi skickar tillbaka - utdrag ur Ivar Andersens bok "I Afghanistan finns en enda gris"  Verbal förlag 30.10.2017

Mänskliga rättigheter, demokrati och rättsstatens principer i Afghanistan 2015-2016  Utrikesdepartementet 26.4.2017

Kunskapen om Afghanistan är för låg  SVT 26.10.2017

Röda korset-chefen Yves Daccord: Inte säkert att utvisa till Afghanistan  SVT 22.10.2017

Bachi Bazi i Afghanistan  SR 23.10.2017

Iran recruits Afghans for Syria fight  Naharnet Newsdesk 24.10.2017  

Röda korset-chefen Yves Daccord: Inte säkert att utvisa till Afghanistan  SVT 22.10.2017 

'Joint Way Forward' deal puts Afghan refugees in danger  The New Arab 11.10.2017
Iran: Afghan children recruited to fight in Syria  Human rights watch 1.10.2017
Afghan civilian casualties from air strikes rise more than 50 percent, sais U.N.  Reuters 12.10.2017   
International Red Cross to "drastically" cut Afghan operations after attack   Reuters 9.10.2017
Iran recruits Afghan and Pakistani Shiites to fight in Syria  AP News 26.9.2017
Help us stand on our own feet: Lives of Kabul's long-term  Refugees Deeply  28.9.2017
'The time to go home has come': Afghans return to embattled  Refugees Deeply 2619.2017
Iran sending thousands of Afghans to fight in Syria  hrw.org 29.1.2016
The Great Afghanistan  Trailer om en skola där ISIS undervisar barn i skjutvapen. Från kommande film  pbs.org 17 november. Inlagd 15.9.2017
More refugees likely to return from Iran, Pakistan: UNHCR  ToloNews 20.6.2017
Analys av Lifos senaste rapport om säkerhetsläget i Afghanistan  Analysblogg 16.6.2017
Lägesanalys: Afghanistan version 1.0  Lifos juni 2017
Migrationsverket tricksar med utvisningarna  Aftonbladet 8.6.2017
Iran har hittat ett sätt att förse Assad med soldater  SvD 6.6.2017
Malalai Joya: One woman standing against warlords  "The European countries are deporting Afghans back. But many of them have only two ways in fromt of them: to become drug addicted, or to join the Islamic State group or Taliban who pay USD 600 per month for their fighters." Alarby 16.5.2017
Afghanistan - Civilian casualties show how how unsafe it is for refugees to be returned  Amnesty.org 27.4.2017
Afghanistan alltmer osäkert för de som ska utvisas  GP 10.4.2017
TUTAP  Omid Mahmoudi 8.4.2017
Mänskliga rättigheter, demokrati och rättsstatens principer i Afghanistan 2015-2016  UD april 2017

Afghan Base Massacre Adds New Uncertainty to Fight Against Taliban  NY Times 23.4.2017

Mänskliga rättigheter, demokrati och rättsstatens principer iAfghanistan 2015–2016  Utrikesdepartementet

UNHCR Eligibility Guidelines for Assessing the International Protection Needs of Asylum-Seekers from Afghanistan  UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) 19.4.2017

The situation in Afghanistan and its implications forinternational peace and security  UN General Assembly Security Council  3.3.2017

Afghanistan fördubblar säkerhetsstyrka  Aftonbladet 27.3.2017

Afghanistan hoping U.S. sends thousands more troops  CBC News 22.3.2017

Afghanistan, rejsebrev fra et ödelagt land. Del 2: "Det gjör vondt, som bare kjaerligheten gör"  Midt i fleisen mars 2017

Afghanistan, rejsebrev fra et ödelagt land. Del 1: "Et land uten felleskap"   Midt i fleisen mars 2017

Förvandlingen från ett enat kungadöme till talibanterror  Expressen 24.3.2017

Mänskliga rättigheter i skottlinjen i Afghanistan  Amnesty Press 22.3.2017

Afghanistan: Taliban child soldier recruitment surges  Human Rights Watch 17.2.2017

Ingen naturlag att det ska vara krig och förtryck i Afghanistan  DN 23.3.2017

Country reports on human rights practices for 2016: Afghanistan  US Department of State

Våldet har förvärrats i Afghanistan  BlankSpot Project 15.3.2017

The situation in Afghanistan and its implications for international peace and security - Report of the Secretary-General  UN Security council (A/71/826-S2017/189) 3.3.2017

Svenskt skolbistånd svindlat i Afghanistan  BlankSpot Project 2.3.2017

Attacken visar hur svag regeringen är  DN 1.3.2017

Utredare om svensk Afghanistaninsats: "Långt ifrån det man önskade sig"  SR 2.3.2017

Safe haven - lol!  Abdul Ghafoor 1.3.201

Afghanistan: Protection of civilians in armed conflict. Annual report 2016  UNAMA February 2017

Så sågade Danmark och Norge sina insatser i Afghanistan  OmVärlden 28.2.2017

IS in Afghanistan: How successful has the group been?  BBC 25.2.2017

Pojkar hålls som sexslavar av poliser i Afghanistan - ses som löneförmån  SvT 16.2.2017

Jamaat-ul-Ahrar gives details of its targets in a video  PT 14.2.2017

'British troups may return to Afghanistan', admits Armed Force minister  RT 10.2.2017

ICRC suspends work in Afghanistan after 6 staff killed  Tolo News 9.2.2017

Sex Röda Korset-medarbetare dödade i Afghanistan  Aftonbladet 8.2.2017

Liten hjälp till krigsdrabbade i Afghanistan  Aftonbladet 6.2.2017

UN calls on parties to take urgent measures to halt civilian caualties, as numbers for 2016 reach record high  UNAMA 6.2.2017

Release of UNAMA's 2016 annual report on protection of civilians in armed conflict  unama.unmissions.org 6.2.2017

The situation of human rights in Afghanistan and technical assistance achievments in the field of human rights Report of the UN commissioner for human rights A/HRC34/41. 11.1.2017

Taliban Oil of Afghanistan  Aljazeera 8.10.2016

Afghanska styrkor tappar mark  Aftonbladet 1.2.2017

High risk list för USA:s nya administration att ta itu med  SIGAR januari 2017

SIGAR Quarterly Report to the United States Congress  30.1.2017

Why European Union should not deport Afghans  ToloNews 25.1.2017

28 killed, over 80 wounded in Kabul twin blasts  TolonNews 10.1.2017

Afghanistan's displaced: The challenge of returning home  Aljazeera 25.1.2017

Afghanistan's first femal orchestra to perform at World Economic Forum  NewsBeat Social 18.1.2017

Oro för regelrätt krig efter en serie attentat  DN 12.1.2017

FN-larm: Afghanska barn dör av hunger  BlankSpot Project 10.1.2017

Gun-men open fire on Hazaran miners  NewBeat Social 9.1.2017

Thousands of Afghan children dying of hunger amid 'unprecedented' displacement - UN  UN News Centre 9.1.2017

En tiondel av Afghanistans befolkning på flykt  SvD 9.1.2017

More than 1,000 schools closed across Afghanistan  Tolo News 2.1.2017

Daesh recruiting in Nangarhar  Tolo News 2.1.2017

More women join fight against taliban and ISIS in north of Afghanistan  Khaama 2.1.2017

Resolute Support warns of intensified war next year  ToloNews 1.1.2017

Return of undocumented Afghans  IOM weekly situation report 18-24.12.2016

Afghan MP wounded in Kabul explosion, more casualties feared  Khaama press 28.12.2016

4 killed in Zabul airstrikes conducted amid IS expansion concerns  Khaama press 27.12.2016

Top Taliban leader leading Kunduz battle killed in Ghazni ambush  Khaama press 26.12.2016

Många döda i attack mot politiker i Afghanistan  SR 22.12.2016

MP's house under attack in Kabul, five feared dead  Tolo News 21.12.2016

Gun-men kidnap ICRC worker on Kunduz-Hazar highway  Tolo News 19.12.2016

EU:s secret ultimatum to Afghanistan: accept 80,000 deportees or lose aid  The Guardian 28.9.2016

Casualty toll hits nearly 1,400 in November  Phajwok Afghan News 18.12.2016

Shooting in Kabul leaves 3 dead and 3 others dead  Kaama News 19.12.2016

Vicepresident anklagad för våldtäkt  SvD 18.12.2016

Fem afghanska kvinnor dödade på väg till jobbet  SvD 17.12.2016
Five female security staff at Kandahar airport killed  BBC News 17.12.2016

Gunmen 'execute' radio journalist in Logar  Tolo News 17.12.2016

Katastrof när 1,5 miljoner afghaner återbördas till Afghanistan  Svenska YLE, Finland 4.11.2016

Utvisades till hemlöshet i Kabul - men allt har gått rätt till  Aftonbladet 9.12.2016

Andrew Quilty: My three years photographing Afghanistan's 'forgotten war'  The Guardian 16.12.2016

First waves of Afghans expelled from EU states under contentious migration deal  The Guardian 15.12.2016

Shooting in Kabul airport leave a foreigner dead  Khaama press 14.12.2016

On the Returns of Hazaras to Afghanistan  Prof. William Maley

Afghan ambassador to Norway calls for no massdeportations of refugees  Global Times 11.12.2016

EU deportation of migrants 'adds to Afghanistan instability' says UN  The Guardian 1.11.2016

EU signs deal to

Rättsligt ställningstagande angående säkerhetsläget i Afghanistan  Migrationsverket 8.12.2016

15 dead as talibans storm Kandahar check posts  Pahjwok 29.11.2016

On the Return of Hazaras to Afghanistan  Professor William Maley, FASSA 22.11.2016 (kräver troligen Google pdf-viewer)

Blodiga dåd i östra Afghanistan  SvD 25.11.2016

Taliban leaders might have moved to Afghanistan from Pakistan  Tolonews 25.11.2016

Is Daesh really in Afghanistan?  TRT World 22.11.2016

Afghan air force to get bomb building, weapons storage facilities in Mazar  Khaama 22.11.2016

Humanitarian crisis brewing in Afghanistan  Ghandara 15.11.2016

In October, over 3000 Afghans killed and wounded  Pajhwok Pakistan News 14.11.2016

Afghan family recently deported from Norway, narrowly escape Kabul suicide attack  Kabulblogs 21.11.2016

Barn bland dödsoffren i Kabuldåd  Aftonbladet 21.11.2016

Dozens killed and injured in a terror attack in Kabul  Hazarapeople.com 21.11.2016

UNHCR halts refugee repatriations for three months  Tolonews.com 21.11.2016

Hazarafolket - som höstlöv i vinden  Ordfront Magasin 16.11.2016

Fakta: Hazariska ungdomar och Sveriges ödesval  Ordfront Magasin 16.11.2016

Sex döda när tyska konsulatet i Afghanistan attackerades  SVT 11.11.2016

Taliban attacks German consulate in northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif with truck bomb  The Telegraph 11.11.2016

95,000 families displaced, need urgent assistences: Presidential palace  Bakhtar News 8.11.2016

Three reasons why EU-Afghan migrant deal is a catastrophe  SputnikNews 7.11.2016

EU signs deal to deport unlimited number of Afghan asylum seekers  The Guardian 3.10.2016

15 years of occupation: Afghanistan since the invasion

Dr Liza Schuster comments on violence in Kabul and deportation from the EU  University of London 12.10.2016

Afghanistan: an amzingly young country  Khaama Press 6.11.20126

Concerns raised over civilian deaths in ongoing war  Tolonews 5.11.2016

Afghan civilians outraged by NATO airstrikes seek revenge  SputnikNews 5.11.2016

Afghanistan "ground zero" for international terrorists, traffickers - adviser SputnikNews 5.11.2016

Update on civilian causialties near Kunduz  RS Nato 5.11.2016

USA:s stabiliserande program i Afghanistan är ett generellt misslyckande
Voice of America 29.10.2016
Small wars journal 29.10.2016

Afghanska tegelbruksarbetare blir slavar för livet för krigsherrarnas förtjänster
The Daily Times 28.10.2016
The Telegraph 28.10.2016

30 civila dödade i avlägset bergsområde
DN 26.10.2016
New York Times 26.10.2016
Al Jazeera 26.10.2016
Amnesty International 26.10.2016
Tolonews  4.11.2016

Families torn apart as Pakistan forces Afghan refugees back over the border  Irinnews 26.10.2016

Why are Afghan refugees forced back to a worsening war?  Irinnews 24.10.2016

Civila organisationer i Afghanistan ber EU och regeringen sluta återsändandet
Kabulblogs 21.10.2016

Strider i Kunduz tvingar människor till flykt  SAK 20.10.2016

Afghanisatn agony for returning refugees  Human Rights Watch 19.10.2016

Fifteen years after 9/11, Afghanistan finds itself at a major crossroads  europe.newsweek.com 18.10.2016

Afghansk viceminister siger nej til tvangshjemsendelser  information.dk 13.10.2016

Australia's folly returns Afghan Hazaras to future torture and death  The Conversation 10.10.2016

Strider håller stad i skräck och SAK har stängt sitt kontor  SAK 7.10.2016

I krigets ruiner - nu ska Afghanistan byggas upp  ETC 7.10.2016

Afghanistan in numbers - 15 years after the invasion  Business Insider UK 7.10.2016

To the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission, Brussels - Belgium  Hazara International Network 5.10.2016

Amnesty: World leaders must make human rights a priority in Afghanistan  Europe.newsweek.com 3.10.2016

Afghan city of Kunduz under Talban attacks  The Telegraph 3.10.2016

De som skickas tillbaka  Afghanistan-nytt 4-2015

Afghanistan overwhelmed when refugees return from Afghanistan  Irinnews 13.9.2016

Is Afghanistan safe enough for refugees to be deported?  Kabulblogs 6.9.2016

Afghan refuge in Iran full movie  Youtube 14.9.2016  En otrevlig film om vad som kan hända en afghansk flykting i Iran

Här gömmer Afghanistans krigsherrar det ofantliga biståndet  Aftonbladet 25.6.2016

Här blir du polis om du har ett vapen  Aftonbladet 26.6.2016

Syria war: The Afghans sent to Iran to fight for Assad  BBC 15.4.2016

My journey to defend human rights in Afghanistan  Amnesty International 14.12.2015

Hunted Hazaras travel "Death Road" through Afghanistan   Daily Mail 5.12.2015 

Iran skickar afghanska barn att strida i Syrien: "Men han är ju bara 14 år!"  SR 23.10.2015 

Chemical weapon terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan  Johnstonarchive.net 5.4.2015

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