tisdag 25 juni 2019

How many years does it take to clear out the unaccompanied youngsters from Sweden?

Today, second day midsummer, there is a message from the Swedish border police. “The number of deportations executed by police has multiplied since 2016, while self-return has declined sharply." Most are expected to be expelled to Afghanistan, where many unaccompanied youngsters have never been before.

The truth is that during the first four months of the year 2019, 95 adult persons over 18 years of age were deported by force to Afghanistan. At the same rate it would mean about 400 people throughout the year. This is the capacity of the border police.

At the same time, we know that of the 23,500 unaccompanied young people with Afghan citizenship who came in 2015, 9000 do not receive a residence permit. Of these, there are some thousand in France. So it remains 8000 who think that Sweden's streets are safer than the streets of Afghanistan. The number can increase if some of the 6500 with residence permits for studies do not pass their studies or do not get permanent jobs after graduation fast enough.

So even if the border police once again doubles their capacity, it takes many years before Sweden is cleared of young people who have been received with open arms and hearts, who have got Swedish homes, integrated in Sweden, have Swedish families, have gone several years in school.

Those who know the young people see their anxiety and fear. Ordinary normal-empathetic Swedes find it difficult to cope with it and do the best they can to help. This means that they hide, that they give them food, that they help them escape.

They do this without thinking about what can be illegal. Civil disobedience is it called, of the same kind that made us help refugees from Norway during the Second World War.

The young people stay in Sweden because they know that the streets in Sweden are safer than the streets in Afghanistan. What the Migration Board believes about security in Afghanistan is immaterial to their choice.

Footnote. The civil society has taken its responsibility. Several networks have been founded. Local cooperation is developed with the Swedish Church and other churches, Savet the Children, the Red Cross and refugee groups. Organisations are started to collect money for support to the youngsters in Sweden, to those who continued their flight to Paris, to those who are deported to Afghanistan.  

Media is free to copy this text, with indication of source: Stoppa utvisningarna av afghanska ungdomar! (Stop deportation of Afghan youth!)

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